Embedded C++ Development for the Game Boy Advance at OpenWest 2017

OpenWest 2017 has accepted my proposed talk on Embedded C++ Development for the Game Boy Advance. I will be presenting this talk on Wednesday, July 12th from 4:00 pm to 4:50 pm. If you are interested in C++ for embedded development, I think you will enjoy this presentation. We’ll be showing how the “Zero Overhead Abstraction” of C++ lends itself to creating clearer code for embedded platforms without losing anything in efficiency. I’ll see you there!

Daz Studio 4.9.3 Released


Daz Studio 4.9.3 has been released, with an updated implementation of NVIDIA’s IRay. Daz Studio is the first to market with this new version of IRay bringing support for Pascal generation GPUs from NVIDIA. We’ve also added automatic login to make it more convenient to purchase and install content directly from the Daz store. We continue to improve the Smart Content experience for browsing large libraries of purchased and installed content and making it easier to compose scenes by finding the appropriate content at the appropriate time.

As usual there are the sprinkled bug fixes and usability improvements; you can read the full list in the release notes. Download now and enjoy! It’s free!

Daz Studio 4.9 with In-App Purchase of Content


Daz Studio 4.9 has been released today. Daz Studio 4.9 features an integrated content store so you can directly manage your free and purchased Daz content. Downloading and installing content has never been easier! Daz Studio 4.9 offers improved workflows for using content with the Smart Content Pane. Daz Studio is free and includes the fully-posable base human figure content. NVidia’s IRay physically-based renderer is still included and has been updated for this release. IRay is a great way to explore physically-based rendering, all the way down to authoring NVidia material definition language files and directly consuming them with Shader Mixer in Daz Studio. For graphics programmers and graphics researchers this is a wonderful way to explore the power of MDL with a great rendering engine and great content.

Download today!

DAZ Studio 4.8 with IRay Physically-Based Rendering


DAZ Studio 4.8 has been released with NVidia’s IRay physically-based renderer running on the GPU. DAZ Studio is free, including the IRay renderer. It’s a really great way to play around with a physically-based renderer using a rich application environment and a rich library of content. Have fun rendering this summer!

You might recognize at least one name on the About… box pictured above :-).

2014 Utah Teapot Student Rendering Competition Results

The results of the 2014 Utah Teapot Student Rendering Competition have been published and there are some very good images over there, so go check it out!