Don’t buy from ebay seller carp-o-matic

I bought an SGI Indigo^2 workstation from ebay seller carp-o-matic. An Indigo^2 is a heavy machine. The seller packed it in a used cardboard box with crumpled up newspaper around the sides and top and no padding on the bottom. End result? A smashed up workstation. I contacted the seller and they refused to do anything about it. They are not a reputable seller and I recommend that you not do business with them.

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Utah Code Camp this Saturday, March 19th.

Once again Utah’s developers will be sharing their insights and knowledge free with other developers! Come to the Utah Code Camp this Saturday! Check out their web site for directions and schedule.

This marks the first time in several years that I will not be presenting at the Utah Code Camp. I just didn’t have a good topic ready in time for the camp, but I’ve got a few ideas for presentations that will probably be ready next time. However, as a presenter I am so busy with my own presentation logistics that I always miss out on all the other good presentations at the camp, so I’m excited to simply attend and listen to what other developers have been up to.

Concurrent with the Utah Code Camp will be Pod Camp SLC. This should give you plenty to choose from when deciding what sessions to attend.

See you there!