Direct3D Programming Tip #5: Use The Debug Runtime

Direct3D is a large API that reflects the complex nature of 3D graphics rendering and the complexities of modern video cards.  As one of my peers puts it:

The hard part about computer graphics is that there are too many ways to draw a black screen. — Russ Fish

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Blog Moved

If you’re looking here and not at my old blog site, then you obviously found out that this blog moved. XMission decided to terminate its blog services, so I have moved my blog to since that was the easiest and cheapest way to get the blog supported.

Along the way, I’ve found out that when you export a wordpress blog, it doesn’t export any of the images or other media files. I believe I’ve moved them over and updated everything, but whew, what a pain. If you find broken images in any of the blog posts, please post a comment so I can fix them.