Utah Fall Code Camp 2011

The Utah Fall Code Camp 2011 is coming up and I’ve proposed a number of talks and volunteered to present some that didn’t yet have speakers. If any of these sessions sound interesting to you, please visit the Utah Code Camp web site and vote for them.

  • Open Source Development Track: Recursive Descent Parsers with Boost.Spirit
  • Microsoft Development Track: Powering Managed Applications with the GPU and SlimDX
  • Architecture Track: High Performance C++, or How to Make Friends With the Cache

The following talks already existed but had no speaker yet, so I volunteered to give them:

  • Mobile Development Track: Push Notifications and Tiles for Windows Phone
  • Mobile Development Track: Game Development for the Windows Phone 7.5

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Make:SLC Meeting Sept. 15th

We’ll be having another Make:SLC meeting next Wednesday on Sept. 15th. Actually we’ve been meeting almost every week on Wednesday nights, except for last night when it conflicted with XP Utah. The big group gets together on the third Wednesday of each month, but a regular group of us meet on Wednesdays to work on our projects. I’ve been working on my Computer Graphics History Museum while most of the other folks have been working on scavenging parts (motors, gearworks, power supplies, etc.) from computer printers to be recycled by the Electroregeneration Society. We now have a facebook page for MakeSLC, so if you’re on “facebox” as my friend Mike likes to call it, then feel free to join the group there. We also have a Yahoo groups mailing list, which so far is low-volume. We’d like to keep the meetings going so that we can build up a regular rhythm of getting together to work on our projects and share ideas.

7pm – 10pm
Wednesday, Sept. 15th
555 South 400 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Make:SLC Meeting on Wednesday, August 18th

The first meeting of Make:SLC will take place at 7PM on Wednesday, August 18th at the Electroregeneration Society warehouse—555 S 400 W, Salt Lake City, UT (Map). Feel free to come on by and join the gang.