Uncle Ben

Uncle Ben: Is His Rice Rotten?

Uncle Ben: Is His Rice Rotten?

Uncle Ben Bernanke has a story to tell you (and sell you).

Get the low-down here and find out what’s really going on.

Unit Testing JavaScript on Windows

JavaScript is playing an increasing role in modern applications. While it is commonly used in Web applications to implement client-side scripting, JavaScript is finding its way into more applications every day as it becomes a defacto standard for application scripting. If you practice test-driven development, you need a way to write unit tests around your JavaScript just as much as you need a way to write unit tests against your C++, C# or Java code. In this post I’ll describe a simple mechanism for writing unit tests against JavaScript on Windows via Windows Script Host.

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Automating Tasks With Windows Script Host and JavaScript

Windows Script Host (WSH) has been included with Microsoft Windows since Windows 98. Yet I have found that most developers are unaware of the rich scripting possibilities that are present in Windows and are still resorting to DOS batch files for scripting simple tasks, or relying on separate scripting languages such as perl or python. Knowing how to write scripts in JavaScript with Windows Script Host is a convenient way to distribute simple tools to others without requiring them to download and install additional third-party scripting languages.

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The Origins of Political Correctness

Do you fit the narrative?

Do you even know what it means to fit the narrative?

Bill Whittle explains.

Gaming Industry Catches Up

A nice article over on Gamasutra, A New Attitude To Game Engineering: Embrace Change, Re-Use, Fun, shows that there’s hope for the game industry yet. None of this will be new to anyone who’s been working outside of gaming for the past ten years, but its nice to see these ideas finally penetrate game development. Read the comments section too.

Utah Code Camp: September 19th, 2009

I’ll be talking about Direct2D, DirectWrite and WiX at the Fall 2009 Utah Code Camp on September 19th at Neumont University.

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Mark Steyn’s Flying Spaghetti Monsterism

Charles Nelson Reilly

“Polygonal Modeling: Basic and Advanced Techniques” by Mario Russo

I’ve been working as a programmer for 30 years and in computer graphics for 20 years. During that time I’ve learned a lot about all the fancy ways that graphics hardware draws triangles. However, working on the technical rendering side of things kept me away from the artistic side of things and creates a certain distance between myself as a software engineer and an artist/content creator as a user of my software. I wanted to read a book that would teach me about polygonal modeling from a content creator’s perspective. “Polygonal Modeling: Basic and Advanced Techniques” by Mario Russo is a great book that filled in the gap for me.

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