Pay no attention to the good news from behind the curtain, comrade!

[Update: Neo NeoCon goes more into the MSM media bias on Iraq.]

Ralph Peters pretty much says it all for me, but I do have one personal anecdote along these lines to relate.

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Once Again Doug Wright Shows Us He’s An Idiot

When I drive to work, I try to listen to a little talk radio to see what the nattering nabobs of negativism have cooked up for the day. This morning, Doug Wright opined on this morning’s program that all we need to solve our energy dependence problem (and therefore becoming more energy independent) is to form some government organization like NASA and just put the smart people on it.

And this guy calls himself a Republican? Oh yeah, I forgot. In Utah you can spend all the taxpayer’s money you want, you can grow government as big as you want, you can encroach on individual liberty as much as you want, as long as you do it all as a Republican.

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Hands off my browser, you stupid web designer!

I’m really getting sick of web designers deciding when I need a new window, instead of just navigating to the new location in the current window.

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Go Joe!

Joe Lieberman writes an essay in the Wall Street Journal about the Democratic party. Its short and worth reading.

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Creating Panoramas with hugin

I recently learned about hugin, an open source tool for creating panorama images from a series of still photos.

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Peaches Jan. 25, 1996 – May 12, 2008

peaches1 peaches2 peaches3
peaches4 peaches5 peaches6
peaches7 peaches8 peaches9