Punching Up the 80’s with Wolfgang’s Vault

If you haven’t been over to Wolfgang’s Vault yet to listen to all of the free streaming concerts, then you should head over there now. What I like about this site is that you can try out famous bands you’ve heard about but didn’t get a chance to hear in person. You can decide if you like their material enough to buy some or just give it a one time only listening. Registration is free and they’ve never sent me any spam.

OK, now that you’re back, here are my suggestions for 80s concerts to listen to on the Vault. The ratings were current at the time I snatched the links for these shows, but may have changed by the time you read this.

Group Date Venue Length Avg. Rating
Talking Heads 05/31/1977 CBGB’s 17:05 4.55
The Ramones 01/07/1978 Palladium 55:40 4.66
The Clash 02/13/1979 Agora Ballroom 33:44 4.62
The Police 03/04/1979 Zellerbach Hall 55:06 4.51
Talking Heads 08/24/1979 Berklee Performance Center 23:42 4.68
AC/DC 10/16/1979 Towson State College 1:15:56 4.69
The Pretenders 05/30/1980 Palladium 58:28 4.69
The Psychedelic Furs 08/29/1981 Ritz 58:28 4.55
U2 11/14/1981 Orpheum Theatre 1:05:08 4.47
Men at Work 09/13/1982 Pep Lounge 30:42 4.50
Duran Duran 11/16/1982 Hammersmith Odeon 56:32 4.52
Culture Club 03/01/1983 Palace Theatre 1:00:31 4.13
U2 05/06/1983 Orpheum Theatre 1:24:08 4.65
A Flock of Seagulls 06/01/1983 Grand Ole Opry 1:10:02 3.84
Thomas Dolby 12/04/1983 Roxy 32:58 4.59
Big Country 12/09/1983 Roseland Ballroom 1:21:14 4.55
Duran Duran 03/21/1984 Madison Square Garden 1:18:25 4.25
Echo & the Bunnymen 03/30/1984 Channel 1:09:11 4.58
Thomas Dolby 07/04/1984 Boulder Theatre 1:29:56 4.55
The Cure 11/16/1984 Ontario Theatre 1:30:12 4.57
Big Country 08/26/1986 Tower Theater 1:58:19 4.66
Duran Duran 05/17/1987 Ahoy 25:32 4.04

DEC GIGI Terminal

The DEC GIGI terminal is basically a microcomputer. It could display color graphics renderings using an escape code sequence DEC developed called ReGIS. The GIGI wasn’t nearly as popular as some of DEC’s other terminals like the VT-100 and the LA-36. The GIGI was introduced in the early 1980s.


Documentation on bitsavers

Control Data Cyber 910

The CDC Cyber 910 is a relabelled SGI Personal Iris. If you are familiar with the cabinet design of the Personal Iris, this is pretty obvious despite the CDC branding.

Terak Graphics Computer System

The Terak Graphics Computer System is an early graphics workstation built around the DEC LSI-11 microprocessor.

From Terak

The Terak was manufactured in Scottsdale, Arizona in the late 1970s. The graphics system consists of a memory mapped frame buffer of 320×200 pixels with video scanout circuitry. In many ways, the Terak was the precursor to the graphical unix workstation that became dominant in the 1980s.

Documentation on bitsavers

Tektronix 4170 Local Graphics Processor

I recently acquired a Tektronix 4170 Local Graphics Processor and 4108 terminal from ebay. Here are some photos of the 4170 and 4108 on Picasa. The 4170 was introduced in 1984 by Tektronix.

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