Fall 2011 Utah Code Camp Schedule Posted

They’ve posted the schedule for the Fall 2011 Utah Code Camp. I’ve got two sessions: one on push notifications with Windows Phone 7 and a roundtable discussion to get a C++ user’s group going in Utah. C++ for the win!

Utah Fall Code Camp 2011

The Utah Fall Code Camp 2011 is coming up and I’ve proposed a number of talks and volunteered to present some that didn’t yet have speakers. If any of these sessions sound interesting to you, please visit the Utah Code Camp web site and vote for them.

  • Open Source Development Track: Recursive Descent Parsers with Boost.Spirit
  • Microsoft Development Track: Powering Managed Applications with the GPU and SlimDX
  • Architecture Track: High Performance C++, or How to Make Friends With the Cache

The following talks already existed but had no speaker yet, so I volunteered to give them:

  • Mobile Development Track: Push Notifications and Tiles for Windows Phone
  • Mobile Development Track: Game Development for the Windows Phone 7.5

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XNA Game Studio 4.0 Released

Download. Now you can get the Xbox 360 and Windows version as well as the version for Windows Phone 7.

Utah Code Camp Fall 2010 Schedule

The preliminary schedule has been posted for the Fall 2010 Utah Code Camp on September 25th. I’ll be presenting two sessions: an updated version of my presentation on making internet-enabled applications for Windows Phone 7 and updated version of “You Can Test Anything!” with Zhon Johansen. I’ll have some Windows Phone 7 swag to give out and an MSDN Universal subscription to give away as well. Code Camps are always free and are for the developer community and by the developer community.

There will also be an agile roundtable at Code Camp facilitated by Zhon Johansen. Zhon recently presented on the highly successful agile roundtable we have here in Salt Lake City at the Agile 2010 conference. The local roundtable has been going steady for 10 years and is a great resource to any developer looking to improve their team skills in an agile environment.

Utah Fall Code Camp on Sept. 25th, 2010

Utah Fall Code Camp on September 25th, 2010. I’ve submitted several sessions to the organizers: one on using DirectWrite in C# with SlimDX, an enhanced version of my talk on internet enabled applications for Windows Phone 7 and an updated version of the “You Can Test Anything!” session that Zhon Johansens and I delivered at AgileRoots 2010.

Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools Beta

Microsoft released the Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools Beta yesterday. Be sure to read the release notes as lots of things have changed since the April Community Technology Preview release.

Windows Phone 7 Application Certification Requirements

Windows Phone 7

“This document provides the policies and technical requirements that a Windows Phone 7 application or game must meet to pass certification and to be eligible for listing in Windows Phone Marketplace.”

Download Windows Phone 7 Application Certification Requirements

Internet-Enabled Applications with Windows Phone 7: Utah .NET User Group, July 8th, 2010

Windows Phone 7I’ll be giving a talk on Windows Phone 7 at the July 8th, 2010 meeting of the Utah .NET User Group. The meetings are held at 6:00 PM on the 2nd Thursday of every month at Neumont University. I’ve talked about the basics of Windows Phone 7 at the Spring 2010 Utah Code Camp, so this time I will be going into more detail about creating internet enabled applications for Windows Phone 7, with an eye towards consuming data through push services. Microsoft is sponsoring this event by helping us out with the cost of the food and providing a little swag to give away.

Spring 2010 Utah Code Camp Schedule

Utah Code Camp on March 27th, 2010

At this Spring’s Utah Code Camp on March 27th, 2010 I will be presenting the following sessions:

  • What’s New in XNA Game Studio 4.0
  • Developing for Windows Phone 7 Series
  • Red, Green, Refactor: Learn Test-Driven Development in Two Hours (with Zhon Johansen)

Check the Utah Code Camp website for more information.

Code Camps are always free.