Max Iter’s Fractal Follies

Roger Alexander has been posting a series of fractint parameter sets on the fractint user’s list and to his blog “Max Iter’s Fractal Follies”. Similar to the images and RSS feed I created for Jim Muth’s Fractal of the Day series, I have created a feed of 1600×1200 high-resolution 3x antialiased images generated from the parameter sets. You can browse the images and subscribe to the RSS feed to enjoy Roger’s work. Thanks Roger!

SGI IRIS 3130 Joins the Collection

Silicon Graphics Inc., more commonly known as SGI, produced a series of 3D graphics hardware architectures beginning in the mid 1980s. Their first product line was the IRIS series of terminals and workstations based on the Motorola 68000 processor. Over the years that I’ve been building the collection for my museum of computer graphics history, I’ve managed to obtain most of the SGI product line except for the first generation IRIS machines and the Fuel and Tezro which are still too expensive. Recently I came across an opportunity to get an SGI IRIS 3130. This is the largest model in the IRIS product line which consists of the IRIS 1000, IRIS 2000 and IRIS 3000 series machines. The IRIS machines were featured in an episode of Computer Chronicles from April 5th, 1984. I’ve got some pictures of the IRIS 3130 I’ve acquired on picasaweb.

XNA Game Studio 4.0 Released

Download. Now you can get the Xbox 360 and Windows version as well as the version for Windows Phone 7.

Utah Code Camp Fall 2010 Schedule

The preliminary schedule has been posted for the Fall 2010 Utah Code Camp on September 25th. I’ll be presenting two sessions: an updated version of my presentation on making internet-enabled applications for Windows Phone 7 and updated version of “You Can Test Anything!” with Zhon Johansen. I’ll have some Windows Phone 7 swag to give out and an MSDN Universal subscription to give away as well. Code Camps are always free and are for the developer community and by the developer community.

There will also be an agile roundtable at Code Camp facilitated by Zhon Johansen. Zhon recently presented on the highly successful agile roundtable we have here in Salt Lake City at the Agile 2010 conference. The local roundtable has been going steady for 10 years and is a great resource to any developer looking to improve their team skills in an agile environment.

Make:SLC Meeting Sept. 15th

We’ll be having another Make:SLC meeting next Wednesday on Sept. 15th. Actually we’ve been meeting almost every week on Wednesday nights, except for last night when it conflicted with XP Utah. The big group gets together on the third Wednesday of each month, but a regular group of us meet on Wednesdays to work on our projects. I’ve been working on my Computer Graphics History Museum while most of the other folks have been working on scavenging parts (motors, gearworks, power supplies, etc.) from computer printers to be recycled by the Electroregeneration Society. We now have a facebook page for MakeSLC, so if you’re on “facebox” as my friend Mike likes to call it, then feel free to join the group there. We also have a Yahoo groups mailing list, which so far is low-volume. We’d like to keep the meetings going so that we can build up a regular rhythm of getting together to work on our projects and share ideas.

7pm – 10pm
Wednesday, Sept. 15th
555 South 400 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Channel 9 Video: Stephan T. Lavavej on the Standard Template Library

Stephan T. Lavavej has created another great video on the C++ Standard Template Library (STL) over on Channel 9. I’ve watched Stephan’s videos before and they always prove illuminating and worthwhile. Check it out!

Agile Roundtable Notes September 2010

The Salt Lake Agile Roundtable meets the first Thursday of every month at the Borders bookstore in Murray, UT from 2pm to 5pm. These are my notes from the September, 2010 meeting.

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