INETA Community Speaker

A while back I registered as a community speaker with INETA. They’ve now launched their community speaker site where you can browse speaker profiles and invite them to come to your .NET user group meeting to talk on a specific subject. You can check out my profile on there by searching for XNA and finding me in the list from Salt Lake City, UT. I’ve also added a “INETA Speaker” block to the sidebar of the blog to make it easy for you to have me present to your group :-).

Microsoft MVP for Another Year!

On October 1st, 2010 I was awarded Microsoft MVP status for another year of helping developers with Microsoft’s 3D related technologies of DirectX and XNA, although mostly DirectX. This marks the 9th consecutive year in which I’ve been awarded MVP status. In these past 9 years we’ve watched the PC’s graphics card make the transition from something that might not have hardware accelerated vertex processing to the array of parallel processors in the current generation of graphics cards. Besides the obvious addition of more shader cores on the GPU, what will the next 9 years hold for the PC’s graphics card? Will image-based and video-based rendering become commonplace and mainstream? Will 3D finally penetrate into the display, removing that pesky Z divide in the projection matrix? Its hard to say, but as always, it will be interesting to find out!

Left Sidebar Updated

I’ve updated the left hand sidebar to include links to books that I’m reading, my Xbox gamertag, direct links to my twitter and blog RSS feeds, a link to my Microsoft MVP profile, and links to my open source software projects. I’m now an Amazon affiliate, so if you like my book reviews and are going to purchase the reviewed book, please consider buying through the link on my blog so I can get a free cup of tea once in a while :-).

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Blog Moved

If you’re looking here and not at my old blog site, then you obviously found out that this blog moved. XMission decided to terminate its blog services, so I have moved my blog to since that was the easiest and cheapest way to get the blog supported.

Along the way, I’ve found out that when you export a wordpress blog, it doesn’t export any of the images or other media files. I believe I’ve moved them over and updated everything, but whew, what a pain. If you find broken images in any of the blog posts, please post a comment so I can fix them.

Playing With Themes

I’m playing around with WordPress themes for this blog because I discovered that the default theme here, Tarski, doesn’t provide a link to older blog posts or direct links to the categories. So the visual appearance of this blog might be variable for the next few days….