Visual Studio Bugs

Visual Studo 2012 had a nice add-in called the Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Feedback Tool that lets you quickly report a bug to the connect website. I’ve found that making it easy to report bugs in VS has increased the likelihood that I actually will report bugs. With Connect, any user can add a “me too!” vote to someone else’s public bugs so that the product team has a better idea of the people affected by it. You can also add your own comments to someone else’s public bugs. This post will be updated over time with bugs I’ve filed so that you can add your own “me too!” vote or comment to the bug.

Visual Studio 2013 included a similar bug reporting tool. This list now includes bugs reported in Visual Studio 2013.

Unfortunately Visual Studio 2015 replaced the nice bug reporting tool with a “send a frown” feature. This files a bug report into a black hole where you can never see anything about that bug report again. This forces us to go back to the connect site and log bugs by hand. Why can’t they leave good features alone? I will continue to add bugs to this list filed against VS 2015, but man they are sure making it hard for me to provide feedback in a way that’s useful for me.

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