Utah’s Pork

Tom Coburn, Republican senator from Oklahoma, provides a working database of earmarks in the 2010 Omnibus spending bill. Having read reports that Bob “Cry Baby” Bennett had inserted a large number of earmarks, I decided to look through the database and see what I could find. The database is provided as a spreadsheet listing earmark spending amounts, the spending bill in which they are introduced, the project on which they are spent and sponsors in the house and senate. Using this database, I extracted the earmarks inserted or sponsored by the Utah delegation (House: Jason Chaffetz, Rob Bishop, Jim Matheson; Senate: Bob Bennett, Orrin Hatch).

What comes out is most revealing: Bennett is indeed addicted to pork projects. Matheson comes in second, but mostly only for cosponsoring projects with Bennett. Its unclear how much pork Matheson would introduce if Bennett wasn’t there for him to hide behind as a cosponsor. Coming in a distant third is Hatch with a single earmark, again cosponsored with Bennett. Rob Bishop and Jason Chaffetz don’t have a single earmark associated with their names, so for better or worse they are consistent with their rhetoric on spending.

I’ve created an earmarks spreadsheet containing the items that I found in the Coburn supplied database sponsored by Utah’s delegation, giving the following totals:

Sponsor Spending
Bob Bennett $253,649,300
Tim Matheson $35,442,000
Orrin Hatch $500,000

At a quarter-billion dollars, Bennett managed to outspend Utah’s lone Democrat representative by an order of magnitude. Its hard to tell exactly what is funded in these projects from the title of the project alone, but last I checked only the military spending seems covered by a power specifically granted to the federal government by the constitution. Last I checked, the constitution doesn’t give the federal government authority to fund gang prevention projects for a single city. And so-on.

“Law and Order” Run Amuck

What kind of country is it where the police beat up helpless 86-year old ladies?

If you’re thinking some tinpot dictatorship in South America, think again. Its Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Police Said to Taze Grandmother

I’m just speechless at this sort of behavior.

“Heaven and Earth” by Ian Plimer

“Heaven and Earth: Global Warming, the Missing Science” by Ian Plimer is a multidisciplinary synthesis of scientific research around the questions raised by the theory of anthropogenic global warming. Anthropogenic global warming is the theory that changes in climate are due to the activities of the civilization of mankind.

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Tony Blankley on Bennett’s Loss

Tony Blankley at newsmax writes a syndicated piece about Bob Bennett’s loss of the Utah GOP nomination. If I could paraphrase Tony’s article it would be: “Thanks for your service, Senator. Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.” Will Bennett be a crybaby about Tony Blankley as well?

Bennett Soft Pedals His Ass Kicking

Over at the National Review Online, Bennett soft pedals the ass kicking he received, trying to blame it all on the Club for Growth thinktank. They call bullshit on that.

Bennett cries like a baby saying he’s as conservative as they come. Well, if that’s true, then we’re all so screwed that we might as well be planting survival gardens in our backyards in preparation for civilization to crash, burn and reboot. I confronted this guy with a core conservative principle during his first term and he waffled. Since then he’s been on a bureacratic power trip for three terms—after having told us he’d only serve two—and has acted in a way that says the best conservative principles mean fighting for your state’s turn at the trough of federal spending. If that’s conservative, then sorry, but we need less conservatives.

unixronin on Threats to Liberty

unixronin writes an interesting blog post about threats to liberty. I agree with the sentiments he has expressed there. Since I’m reading For Liberty and Glory right now, the word “liberty” has come to mean something a little more tangible and a little less ephemeral these days.

One Down, One To Go

This past weekend, Tea Party forces within the Utah state GOP denied Bob Bennett an opportunity to continue his personal political career at taxpayer expense, at least under the banner of the Republican party. I suppose he could always consider running as an independent like Joe Lieberman, but I doubt it will happen and even if it does, I doubt he would garner any significant portion of the vote.

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Tony Blankley: GOP One Election Away From Being Discarded

Tony Blankley was a guest on PJTV’s Front Page program for April 16th, 2010. Tony is a long-time Republican party regular and a frequest guest on political talk shows like The McLaughlin Group.

What was striking to me is that he said that the Republicans have blown it so bad in the last few years, that if they are given another chance in the next election, then it may very well be their last chance. Tony Blankley says that even he will be willing to try a third party if Republicans have a significant win and manage to blow it. Again. The last time Republicans had any significant majorities, they blew it big time. As a result they had their asses handed to them in the subsequent election of 2006. They blew it again and had their asses handed to them even more forcefully in 2008 with the election of Obama. In 2010, the voters are likely to give them another chance as big chunks of the electorate express buyer’s remorse. If they are given this chance and blow it this time, it may very well be the third strike that calls them out.

Reason.tv: Why The Stimulus Isn’t Working—Q&A with economist Richard McKenzie

Obama Akbar

Drama Queens

More on the Fed

Here’s some more information on the Federal Reserve that was sent to me by a couple of friends today.

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….and now for something completely different


The Man Who Saved A Billion Lives

Norman Borlaug, March 25, 1914 – September 12, 2009

Norman Borlaug, March 25, 1914 – September 12, 2009

Norman Borlaug, Nobel laureate agronomist, has died. Read about him on Wikipedia, Hit & Run and The Atlantic Online. Borlaug may have saved over a billion lives, yet few people know of him and his lifelong dedication to feeding the humans on this planet.

The Original George W.


Uncle Ben

Uncle Ben: Is His Rice Rotten?

Uncle Ben: Is His Rice Rotten?

Uncle Ben Bernanke has a story to tell you (and sell you).

Get the low-down here and find out what’s really going on.

The Origins of Political Correctness

Do you fit the narrative?

Do you even know what it means to fit the narrative?

Bill Whittle explains.

Mark Steyn’s Flying Spaghetti Monsterism

Bill Whittle Tells You What’s At Stake

Bill Whittle tells you what’s really at stake in the battle between elitists and Sarah Palin over on his show “Afterburner” on PajamasTV.

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Angry White Dude on Borrin’ Orrin