Spring 2014 Utah Code Camp: March 15th, 2014

The Spring 2014 Utah Code Camp is coming up and I’ve got some proposed sessions. Utah Code Camps are by the developer community and for the developer community. Utah Code Camp is always free! Spring 2014 Utah Code Camp will be held on March 15th, 2014 at the University of Utah Spencer Fox Eccles Business Building.

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Game Debugging in Visual Studio 11

If you haven’t watched any of the //build presentations yet, there was one that got me quite excited where they showed off some of the new graphics debugging support in Visual Studio 11. Game Debugging in Visual Studio 11 is a recent Visual Studio team blog entry that goes into more detail on this. Now you can really drill down into the details of the graphics pipeline based on what you’re seeing in the rendered window and some mouse clicks. This is going to be awesome!

Utah Fall Code Camp 2011

The Utah Fall Code Camp 2011 is coming up and I’ve proposed a number of talks and volunteered to present some that didn’t yet have speakers. If any of these sessions sound interesting to you, please visit the Utah Code Camp web site and vote for them.

  • Open Source Development Track: Recursive Descent Parsers with Boost.Spirit
  • Microsoft Development Track: Powering Managed Applications with the GPU and SlimDX
  • Architecture Track: High Performance C++, or How to Make Friends With the Cache

The following talks already existed but had no speaker yet, so I volunteered to give them:

  • Mobile Development Track: Push Notifications and Tiles for Windows Phone
  • Mobile Development Track: Game Development for the Windows Phone 7.5

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Need Tessellation?

Try libtess2, a refactored version of the GLU tessellation code from OpenGL. Brought to you by Digesting Duck.


PLATO@50 Conference Video

The Computer History Museum has published all the conference video from the PLATO@50 conference. I think game developers will find the session on PLATO gaming interesting. If you only have time to watch one video, I would suggest the first one which is an overview of the PLATO system. For those with an interest in the origins of the plasma display panel, check out the hardware session. If you have an interest in social networking software, check out the online community session. Of course, if you’re a PLATO junkie, watch them all!

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June 2010 DirectX SDK Documentation Now on MSDN

The documentation for the Windows Graphics was already available, now the entirety of the documentation for the June 2010 release of the DirectX SDK is available on MSDN.

DirectX SDK Documentation on MSDN

GameFest 2010 Content Now Live

The GameFest 2010 content is now live on Microsoft’s site:

Peter Wonka’s Talk Moved to 10AM

Peter Wonka’s talk at the UofU has been moved up to 10AM.

GameFest 2010 Presentations

Peter Wonka: “Modeling and Visualization of Urban Environments”, June 21st @ UofU

Title: Modeling and Visualization of Urban Environments
Speaker: Peter Wonka
Arizona State University
Where: Evans & Sutherland Conference Room
3rd floor Warnock Engineering Building
University of Utah
When: 10:00 AM, June 21st, 2010
Abstract: In this talk I will summarize recent research results from my research working with urban environments. The first major topic of my work is focused on creating large urban environments for computer graphics applications using procedural, interactive, and image-based methods. The second major topic of my work is visualization and real-time rendering. Examples are visibility computation, level of detail generation, and the visualization of route maps. A list of recent publications can be found at http://www.public.asu.edu/~pwonka/Publications/publications.html and videos accompanying selected papers can be found on youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/stephanklein42.

EAE Demo Day and Machinimafest ’10: April 30th, 2010

The following events will take place on April 30th, 2010 at the University of Utah:

Time Location Event
1:00 PM – 3:00 PM WEB 130 (map) EAE Demo Day
3:15 PM – 5:00 PM Dumke Auditorium,
Utah Museum of Fine Arts,
Marcia and John Price Museum Building (map)
Machinimafest ‘10

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Utah Code Camp on March 27th, 2010

At this Spring’s Utah Code Camp on March 27th, 2010 I will be presenting the following sessions:

  • What’s New in XNA Game Studio 4.0
  • Developing for Windows Phone 7 Series
  • Red, Green, Refactor: Learn Test-Driven Development in Two Hours (with Zhon Johansen)

Check the Utah Code Camp website for more information.

Code Camps are always free.

“Game Development in a Post-Agile World”

Gwaredd writes a long blog post titled “Game Development in a Post-Agile World”. Its interesting, but I don’t agree with the characterization of agile development provided by the author, even if they do admit it is a bit of a rant :-). The interesting part for me was from the “Creativity vs. Production” section through the end. Give it a read.