C++ Now! 2014 Presentations Posted

Ray Fix is posting all the presentations of C++ Now! 2014

You can read my presentations here:

C++ Now! 2014 was a wonderful experience! I very much enjoyed talking with the attendees, both during the show and afterwards at restaurants and the bar. I hope to attend again next year.

2 Responses to “C++ Now! 2014 Presentations Posted”

  1. cjolowicz Says:

    Thanks for your great tutorial on Clang Refactoring Tools! The example about false positives being introduced when including cstdio (see p. 94) does not work. The reason is that you haven’t yet introduced detection of function declarations into the code (see p. 102). Reordering the two sections would fix this.


  2. legalize Says:

    Thanks for catching the mistake on my slides!


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