Three Sessions Accepted for Spring 2014 Utah Code Camp!

Of the sessions I proposed to the Spring 2014 Utah Code Camp, they accepted “Walk Down GPU Lane” and “C++ User Group Bootup” talks. Later, one of the speakers cancelled and they needed to fill a slot, so I’m going to present a dry-run of my C++ Now! 2014 talk “Build your own C++ refactoring tool with C++ and clang”.

“A Walk Down GPU Lane” will give you some insight into the SIMD supercomputer that is crammed into your video card. A modern GPU is a very complex device and the API for manipulating them has also grown steadily over the years. However, the basics are still the same as they were in 1971 when Henri Gouraud got his PhD at the University of Utah for the bilinear interpolation known eponymously as Gouraud shading. A modern GPU just has many more knobs to frob. There won’t be time to go into every detail of the GPU; I already wrote a 500 page book that does that. We’ll look at the main functional blocks that organize the GPU into a dataflow pipeline and discuss where common graphics tasks and tricks occur in the pipeline. We’ll interactively use the free shader tools from NVidia to look at how changing the pipeline configuration results in different rendered outputs.

“C++ User Group Bootup” is pretty self-explanatory; there are lots of C++ topics I find interesting and would like to discuss with other programmers, but Utah Code Camp only happens once a year and it isn’t appropriate for the other local user groups. C++11 brings a bunch of really interesting things to C++ programming and we need to get the word out!

“Build your own C++ refactoring tool with C++ and clang” will be a dry-run rehearsal of my presentation for C++ Now! 2014. I’ve been having some really interesting email discussions with clang developers and I’ve learned that the refactoring tool support is much cooler than I originally thought!” We will be code for utilities that are useful in the real world and not looking at power point slides.

I really love the Utah Code Camp scene, even when I’m not presenting. It’s free, it’s fun and it’s a great way to meet other programmers that are doing more than the mundane! At last year’s code camp I learned about NodeJS and I’ve been having a lot of fun playing with that. So come on down and join the party!

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