Max Iter’s Fractal Follies

Roger Alexander has been posting a series of fractint parameter sets on the fractint user’s list and to his blog “Max Iter’s Fractal Follies”. Similar to the images and RSS feed I created for Jim Muth’s Fractal of the Day series, I have created a feed of 1600×1200 high-resolution 3x antialiased images generated from the parameter sets. You can browse the images and subscribe to the RSS feed to enjoy Roger’s work. Thanks Roger!

SGI IRIS 3130 Joins the Collection

Silicon Graphics Inc., more commonly known as SGI, produced a series of 3D graphics hardware architectures beginning in the mid 1980s. Their first product line was the IRIS series of terminals and workstations based on the Motorola 68000 processor. Over the years that I’ve been building the collection for my museum of computer graphics history, I’ve managed to obtain most of the SGI product line except for the first generation IRIS machines and the Fuel and Tezro which are still too expensive. Recently I came across an opportunity to get an SGI IRIS 3130. This is the largest model in the IRIS product line which consists of the IRIS 1000, IRIS 2000 and IRIS 3000 series machines. The IRIS machines were featured in an episode of Computer Chronicles from April 5th, 1984. I’ve got some pictures of the IRIS 3130 I’ve acquired on picasaweb.