Exotic Terminal Sighting

Can anyone identify these terminals? The orange keycaps on the one remind me of my ADDS Envoy, right down to the single yellow key in the upper left. The other terminal has a similar enclosure to the first, so my guess is that they are two different models from the same product line. If you recognize these, please post in the comments!

5 Responses to “Exotic Terminal Sighting”

  1. legalize Says:

    A possibly related terminal at the Computer History Museum.


  2. TheNarf Says:

    The one on the left is definitely a variant on an ADDS 520 terminal. My college had a boatload of them (and the identically functioning ADDS 580 in Legalize’s post) in their computer terminal rooms, all connected to our DECsystem-10. (This was 1978-1982 or so.) Ours lacked the function keys to the right of the numeric keypad.

    Upper-case only. Would go as high as 9600 baud, but the terminal line mux computer (a DEC PDP-8/I) couldn’t handle more than 2400 baud across some 60 terminals without dropping characters.


  3. TheNarf Says:

    The school I went to had both the Adds Consul 980 (as shown in the Google link given by kps) and the Adds Consul 520. Different models, both built like tanks; the 980’s keyboard was a couple of inches higher off the counter than the 520. Functionally identical, however. The keyboard would generate lower case, but the displays were upper case only.


  4. Ano Nymous Says:

    ADDS Consul 880A


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