Radio Teletypewriter AN/GRC-46

Teletypes are an interesting bridge between typewriters and computer terminals. They’re more electromechanical in nature than electronic and they make a great amount of noise when they’re operating. The military used lots of teletype gear and this instructional film talks about a radio teletypewriter unit.

2 Responses to “Radio Teletypewriter AN/GRC-46”

  1. Hartree Says:

    Brings back memories. I first trained on the 46 in 1980 as it was what the Natl. Guard had at the time.


  2. Daniel Easley Says:

    Yes it really does bring back memories. I trained on the ANGRC-46 at Ft. Gordon Signal School in 1958 or 1959. I always wanted a M-37 truck with the radio shelter on back .to play around with.


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