UltraFractal Parameters RSS Feed

UltraFractalThe UltraFractal mailing list often has parameter sets posted to it. However, due to the vagaries of internet email, there was often a variety of editing or careful copy/pasting you had to do in order to get the parameter set in a format that UltraFractal liked. I created a script that processes selected mail messages to extract out the UPR file in a form that UltraFractal likes. Its much more reliable than what I was doing by hand. The results of the script can be seen at the UltraFractal Parameters RSS feed.

Update: The public feed has been turned off. See the comments below.

2 Responses to “UltraFractal Parameters RSS Feed”

  1. legalize Says:

    I tweaked the feed a little bit so that the title of the feed item comes from the parameter set name and the description shows who posted the parameter set. This should make it easy to find a recently posted parset.


  2. legalize Says:

    People got paranoid about their parameter sets being made “public” (even though they were already public in perpetuity by virtue of being posted to a mailing list), so I have turned off the public feed.

    The fractal community used to be more interested in sharing and less interested in blaming. Such a shame.


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