Big Fractals RSS Feed Created

2013_01_08-Candy_Drop_TreeJim Muth has been posting a “fractal of the day” FRACTINT parameter set for a number of years now. Its always nice to have a steady stream of fresh fractal images to browse and I really appreciate Jim’s effort in posting the parameter sets. However, its not always convenient for me to run FRACTINT (it is still a DOS program, after all) and render the image. So, a while back I started running a cron job on XMission’s shell that ran the X11 port of FRACTINT to render out the images. I render them at 4800×3600 to achieve 3x antialiasing for a target size of 1600×1200. This really gives a nice image, even though FRACTINT is still limited to the idea that coloring a pixel means creating an 8-bit index into a 256 entry color lookup table. The results are published on my XMission account and updated about once a day, depending on the computation time.

Recently I discovered a bug in xfractint that caused it to choke on any parameter set whose name contained a dash (-). I’ve worked around the problem and started handling the older parameter sets that previously failed in my nightly cron job. However, it was now getting hard to identify which images were newly added because they weren’t the ones with the most recent chronological date anymore. So I created an RSS feed that shows the images added in the last 30 days. It doesn’t seem possible to include item thumbnails in an RSS feed, so for now it is just a link to the final rendered image and the name and rating of the parameter set as decided by Jim Muth. If you want to browse by thumbnail, start at the main Fractal of the Day page.

Thanks for your hard work, Jim!