Tony Blankley on Bennett’s Loss

Tony Blankley at newsmax writes a syndicated piece about Bob Bennett’s loss of the Utah GOP nomination. If I could paraphrase Tony’s article it would be: “Thanks for your service, Senator. Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.” Will Bennett be a crybaby about Tony Blankley as well?

Channel9: STL: Some Underlying Algorithms, Data Structures, and More with Stephan T. Lavavej

On Channel 9, Stephen T. Lavavej gives a presentation about C++ and the Standard Template Library. Stephan really knows the standard library (or STL, if you prefer) and his presentations are always worth your time. The video is about an hour in length.

Pearson Publishing Sponsors “You Can Test Anything”

I’m pleased to announce that Pearson Publishing will be supporting the Agile Roots 2010 session “You Can Test Anything”, presented by myself and Zhon Johansen. The publisher will be giving us some books to give away to attendees of our session. They are also a sponsor of the conference in general. Thanks, Pearson Publishing!

Today, May 14th, is your last day to register for Agile Roots at the early bird discount and save $100 or more.