Bennett Soft Pedals His Ass Kicking

Over at the National Review Online, Bennett soft pedals the ass kicking he received, trying to blame it all on the Club for Growth thinktank. They call bullshit on that.

Bennett cries like a baby saying he’s as conservative as they come. Well, if that’s true, then we’re all so screwed that we might as well be planting survival gardens in our backyards in preparation for civilization to crash, burn and reboot. I confronted this guy with a core conservative principle during his first term and he waffled. Since then he’s been on a bureacratic power trip for three terms—after having told us he’d only serve two—and has acted in a way that says the best conservative principles mean fighting for your state’s turn at the trough of federal spending. If that’s conservative, then sorry, but we need less conservatives.

One Response to “Bennett Soft Pedals His Ass Kicking”

  1. Utah’s Pork « Legalize Adulthood! Says:

    […] working database of earmarks in the 2010 Omnibus spending bill. Having read reports that Bob “Cry Baby” Bennett had inserted a large number of earmarks, I decided to look through the database and […]


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