DIY Kegerator

Popular Mechanics publishes an article on how to make your own kegerator:

There’s nothing quite like a freshly poured beer from a draft system, but for most of us draft beer has been a pleasure that you only get at bars and restaurants. That’s a shame, because kegged beer is a cheaper, fresher, better preserved product. To top it off, some craft breweries also offer beers in kegs that they don’t sell in bottles or cans.

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One Response to “DIY Kegerator”

  1. James Says:

    I’ve actually got all the stuff to do that sitting in boxes in my basement and a chest freezer to put it in. I just stick my Homebrew kegs into a temp controlled fridge with picnic taps. That way I can use the fridge as a temp controlled environment I can keep my fermenters in when I don’t have a batch going.


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