C++ Refactoring Tools Test Suite Available

I created a test suite for C++ refactoring tools. You can download release 1.0 for yourself to see the tests. Results of the tests are included for ReFactor!Pro v9.1.10.


A test suite for refactoring tools for C++. I built this test suite to validate bugs in ReFactor!Pro for C++ from Developer Express. Included in the distribution is a text file containing test results for v9.1.10 of ReFactor!Pro.

Each test case is marked by a comment containing the token “#TEST#”. The comment contains an identifier for the test case and instructions on how to perform the test. A test is considered passing if the changes applied to the code result in code that compiles and still has the same semantics as before the refactoring. White space or curly braces may be changed as long as the semantics remain the same.

At a future date, this code may be enhanced to contain actual unit tests that you can run to verify that the semantics have not changed, but currently it relies on humans to inspect the changes made.

2 Responses to “C++ Refactoring Tools Test Suite Available”

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