Vintage IBM Photos from the 1960s

Zane Healy forwarded on a link to a nice set of 1960s computing photos. Check out the pictures of the gargantuan prototype CRT terminals!

The CRT and raster graphics have become such a pervasive aspect of personal computers since the 1980s. Its easy to forget that there was a time when only character data was used to interact with computers. Most of that interaction was remote and distant via batch processing. You submitted a job as a deck of cards and got a paper printout of the results of running your job. Interactive timesharing systems introduced in the 1960s changed all that and made interaction with the computer a personal experience. First vector and later raster graphics display systems introduced a new level of interaction with the computer through images instead of text. Bitmapped raster graphics is now commonplace on even the cheapest of throway cell phones.