VMWare Workstation 7 Supports More 3D

VMWare Workstation 7 now has better support for 3D graphics with Direct3D 9.0c with Shader Model 3 and OpenGL 2.1 support. I’ve always liked VMWare for testing, particularly for testing installations. The one drawback with it has been the 3D support; sure, it was always great for testing business applications in multiple OS environments from a single machine, but for graphics applications it was pretty weak. Where I work, we recently bumped up the minimum OpenGL requirement to version 1.4 and that was not supported in VMWare Workstation 5. Now that VMWare 7 is out, I’ll try the upgrade and see how the new version supports our applications. I’m not expecting it to be as fast as a native machine, but I’m willing to pay a performance penalty for an environment where I can reset to known conditions quickly. Our applications are content creation applications, so while its annoying to have them perform poorly during testing, its not going to make the testing worthless.

2 Responses to “VMWare Workstation 7 Supports More 3D”

  1. Eric Smith Says:

    Tried using Altium Designer on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit in VMware Workstation 7.1.3 on Fedora 14 64-bit, with a Radeon HD 5850 card and Catalyst 10.12 driver. The schematic capture, which does not use DirextX, works fine. The PCB layout was unusably slow and didn’t render correctly. Checked the Workstation 7.1 manual, and it says that DirectX is supported for Windows XP guests only.

    I’m starting over, installing XP Pro 32-bit for the guest OS.

    Hopefully the next release of VMware Workstation will provide 3D acceleration for Windows 7 guests.


    • legalize Says:

      That’s good to know, thanks. It doesn’t surprise me as Vista/Windows7 has a different driver model for DirectX, so it would mean a bunch more work for the VMWare folks.


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