Unit Test Videos

ElMohanned Ahmed shared these links on unit testing videos with the sl-agile mailing list and I’m sharing them with you.

Gerard Meszaros, author of the book xUnit Test Patterns, gives a talk at Google on automated testing patterns and test smells.

Test Review #1: Nerd Dinner by Roy Osherove:

I’ve decided to start doing some test reviews of tests that I see in the wild. I figured it’s the best way to show people what I mean when I say they do not have readable, maintainable or trustworthy tests.

Test Review #2: ASP.NET MVC Unit Tests by Roy Osherove:

Here’s the second video review of Unit Tests. This is another one written by Microsoft – ASP.NET MVC ( source ). First, it’s important to state how surprised I was by the high quality of the tests in MVC.

Test Review #3 – Unity by Roy Osherove:

In this video I go over the tests for Microsoft Unity Application Block. Overall the quality of the tests in Unity is pretty good!

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