Mike Ross’s CoreStore Photos

CoreStore Photos

Mike Ross’s vintage computer collection is indeed something to drool over. He has one item I highly covet: an Evans & Sutherland vector drawing system! I’m guessing its a PS/390 from the picture. I have the base unit in my collection but I’m missing the peripherals (tablet, dials, keyboard, mouse) and matching monitor. Take the time to browse around his collection!

2 Responses to “Mike Ross’s CoreStore Photos”

  1. Michael Ross Says:

    Glad you enjoyed! One of my E&S systems is with Jim Austin in York; the other is with me in NZ. Still haven’t tried to really bring it up.


    • legalize Says:

      Since the time I originally wrote this post, I have obtained a complete working E&S PS/390 system along with a MicroVAX host with a working copy of the FRODO molecular design software. I need to image the system for preservation and then afterwards I should have a complete working PS/390 system.


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