Unit Testing JavaScript on Windows

JavaScript is playing an increasing role in modern applications. While it is commonly used in Web applications to implement client-side scripting, JavaScript is finding its way into more applications every day as it becomes a defacto standard for application scripting. If you practice test-driven development, you need a way to write unit tests around your JavaScript just as much as you need a way to write unit tests against your C++, C# or Java code. In this post I’ll describe a simple mechanism for writing unit tests against JavaScript on Windows via Windows Script Host.

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Automating Tasks With Windows Script Host and JavaScript

Windows Script Host (WSH) has been included with Microsoft Windows since Windows 98. Yet I have found that most developers are unaware of the rich scripting possibilities that are present in Windows and are still resorting to DOS batch files for scripting simple tasks, or relying on separate scripting languages such as perl or python. Knowing how to write scripts in JavaScript with Windows Script Host is a convenient way to distribute simple tools to others without requiring them to download and install additional third-party scripting languages.

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The Origins of Political Correctness

Do you fit the narrative?

Do you even know what it means to fit the narrative?

Bill Whittle explains.