Utah Code Camp: September 19th, 2009

I’ll be talking about Direct2D, DirectWrite and WiX at the Fall 2009 Utah Code Camp on September 19th at Neumont University.

Direct2D and DirectWrite will be combined into a single presentation that summarizes and demonstrates the new features provided by these APIs. WiX will get its own separate talk.

Direct2D is described by MSDN as:

a hardware-accelerated, immediate-mode, 2-D graphics API that provides high performance and high-quality rendering for 2-D geometry, bitmaps, and text. The Direct2D API is designed to interoperate well with GDI, GDI+, and Direct3D.

DirectWrite is a new API that provides high-quality text rendering, resolution-independent outline fonts, and full Unicode text and layout support. It is intended to address the specific needs of text rendering, including high quality font processing and GDI text rendering compatability.

Windows Installer XML (WiX) is Microsoft’s first official open source project. It provides a solution for creating installation packages in XML. Windows Installer packages are largely declarative in nature, so its a natural fit to describe them in a declarative text format like XML. In my presentation on WiX I’ll cover the tools provided by WiX for creating and manipulating Windows Installer packages. I’ll also cover the Visual Studio Add-in, Votive, for WiX projects.

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