Bill Whittle Tells You What’s At Stake

Bill Whittle tells you what’s really at stake in the battle between elitists and Sarah Palin over on his show “Afterburner” on PajamasTV.

Anyone who knows me for any length of time knows that I’m a libertarian and not a conservative or a liberal. I saw the populist “ordinary person” quality in Sarah Palin and I liked that for a change. I’m so sick of caveat spewing professional lawyers being elevated to positions of power. Its really about time that we started putting ordinary citizens back into these jobs instead of people who view themselves as part of a professional political class. For the same reason that I enjoyed Sarah Palin, I supported Pete Ashdown for US Senate in Utah. I’ve known Pete a long time, almost 20 years. And while our politics aren’t always the same, I can tell you that he is an ordinary citizen and would be a citizen legislator in the Jeffersonian sense. That’s a damned sight better than Orrin Hatch who has been a senator for so long that half the state of Utah can’t remember a time when he wasn’t senator. That’s too damned long for anyone.

While you’re there at PajamasTV, check out Bill Whittle’s Afterburner series “LunarPalooza” part 1, part 2, and part 3, where he talks about private space exploration.

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