Test-Driven Development and Refactoring At Agile Roots 2009

I was a guest instructor at Zhon Johansen’s Test-Driven Development and Refactoring course at the recent Agile Roots Conference in Salt Lake City. Zhon and I did a dry-run rehearsal of this course for the Utah .NET User Group meeting in June. The streaming video for this tutorial is now available.

The video of the course is now up on Confreaks, in two parts: Part 1 and Part 2. Confreaks did a great job of capturing this tutorial from what I’ve watched so far. I’m the guy with the pony tail in the blue shirt! :-)

The other video from Agile Roots 2009 is worth checking out too. I recommend Alistair Cockburn‘s tutorial on nano incremental development to help you divide down requirements into the smallest bit of value you can deliver. The smaller something is, the easier it is for you to estimate, schedule, develop and deliver it. Jeff Patton‘s two-part tutorial on story mapping (Part 1 and Part 2) is another one I would recommend viewing.

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