Test-Driven Development and Refactoring At Agile Roots 2009

I was a guest instructor at Zhon Johansen’s Test-Driven Development and Refactoring course at the recent Agile Roots Conference in Salt Lake City. Zhon and I did a dry-run rehearsal of this course for the Utah .NET User Group meeting in June. The streaming video for this tutorial is now available.

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Boost.Build Tutorial

Boris Schäling has written a tutorial on Boost.Build.

Build systems are a pain, particularly if you have cross-platform builds to manage. Where I work we support both Mac and PC versions of our products and coordinating the builds is a challenge. I haven’t used Boost.Build myself, but I know that the Boost folks have had to deal with all sorts of platforms and C++ compilers. They use advanced features of the compiler and have had to work around a number of painful situations. If you are investigating a new build system, Boost.Build is worth a look.