Agile Code Reviews

Have you ever been tasked with doing classic “Fagan” style code reviews? They’re boring. They’re tedious. They take up lots of time and yield little, if any, results. At a previous employer, we did these kinds of code reviews. It consisted of printing out the source code to be reviewed, one copy per reviewer. Each of us reviewed the code alone, making notes to the printout. Then we’d gather in a conference room and discuss our findings while one person combined all our notes into a list of items to rework. That person would rework the code alone and then report back to the group the results. Whew! This is what the agile development world would call a “high ceremony process”. It has lots of formal steps and the associated paperwork. Is there a better way? In this post, I’ll discuss what we do at my current employer that makes code reviews a fun team activity.

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