Why I’m a Libertarian and Glenn Beck is Not

A while back, cporter commented on my blog:

My only issue with voting Libertarian is its longtime identity with drug legalisation advocacy, and its public persona of anarchist-leanings. I feel that this makes a libertarian unelectable, and therefore a wasted vote.

Take a look at the collateral damage from the Drug War and tell me why prohibition such a good idea? Watch episode after episode of Gangland and tell me why prohibition is such a good idea? Drug prohibition is simply a failed policy. It always has been and always will be.

Ya know, recently the bankrupt economic policies of the Republicans have become so glaringly obvious that even Glenn Beck thinks he’s a libertarian. He’s not. No way in hell is he a libertarian, except a libertarian-of-the-moment or a libertarian-of-convenience-so-long-as-republicans-are-doing-something-stupid.

I’m a libertarian (and a Libertarian) because they stick to their principles and don’t pull their punches. They come right out and say the honest truth, and America could use a little more of that in their politics instead of endless “Slick Willie Syndrome” and “Bush Derangement Syndrome” tit-for-tat name calling and hatred that all too often passes for informed commentary in our political sphere.

Anyone can take a principled stand when its butterflies and lollipops all over the political landscape. The true measure of a man’s character is when he stands up for the things he believes in and knows to be right, even when they aren’t popular. Sure, standing up for the end of drug prohibition isn’t a popular stance, but its failure is glaringly obvious to anyone other than the blind. That’s the damned honest truth and its about time we faced up to it.

[Update: Dealing With Drug Violence in Mexico]

3 Responses to “Why I’m a Libertarian and Glenn Beck is Not”

  1. Duncan Says:

    But surely it can’t be a bad thing for the libertarian movement to have someone such as Beck using the term on himself? He is one, if not the only, MSM personality who consistently invites libertarian leaning people onto his program. Most of us didn’t just change overnight.. I’m willing to give Beck the benefit of the doubt for the time. Many of us started out agreeing with *most* of the principles of libertarianism but found some a little more difficult to swallow. But after a while you realize that they all flow from a basic set of principles and you can’t stand for A without also standing for B. I usually enjoy Glenn Beck (though his views on atheism tend to rub me the wrong way) and I for one hope that he has indeed started down the path to a full libertarian world view… the movement could certainly use someone of his stature and audience to get people thinking about it. The fact you have someone popular on Fox at 5PM everyday using the term libertarian on themselves is pretty sweet no?


  2. frugalgal Says:

    Let’s see…current drug laws….hmmm as Dr. Phil would say “How’s that workin’ for ya”?

    The last utterence by Glens guest sums it up.

    Glen Beck was rude to him and made what could have been a wonderful, insightful exchange into a mockery.
    Glen does have on wonderful guests who I enjoy seeing because you rarely get to see people telling the truth on news shows. But to make a joke out of it and giggling like a school girl makes it seem like a parody.
    Libertarians need a voice and Glen missed the mark on this one and with Chuck Norris. Eating M&M’s and interrupting was just stupid. Chuck gave up and started eating them too.


  3. Stephen in Afghanistan Says:

    Just checked out your blog for the first time(linked from pajamasmedia) and I am really enjoying it.

    There has to be term for the bandwagon libertarians who simply only believe in small government economic policies, and don’t go full steam ahead with the social aspect of being a libertarian. Hardcore social conservatives, like Beck, would never want legalized narcotics in the U.S. because he has bought everything that the government he professes to dislike has shoved down his throat. All the lies that have come about in the drug war(especially when talking about marijuana) have cost us more than any other wasteful program in ou country’s history.

    The term that describes Beck: ELO: Economic Libertarian Only.


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