Why I’m a Libertarian and Glenn Beck is Not

A while back, cporter commented on my blog:

My only issue with voting Libertarian is its longtime identity with drug legalisation advocacy, and its public persona of anarchist-leanings. I feel that this makes a libertarian unelectable, and therefore a wasted vote.

Take a look at the collateral damage from the Drug War and tell me why prohibition such a good idea? Watch episode after episode of Gangland and tell me why prohibition is such a good idea? Drug prohibition is simply a failed policy. It always has been and always will be.

Ya know, recently the bankrupt economic policies of the Republicans have become so glaringly obvious that even Glenn Beck thinks he’s a libertarian. He’s not. No way in hell is he a libertarian, except a libertarian-of-the-moment or a libertarian-of-convenience-so-long-as-republicans-are-doing-something-stupid.

I’m a libertarian (and a Libertarian) because they stick to their principles and don’t pull their punches. They come right out and say the honest truth, and America could use a little more of that in their politics instead of endless “Slick Willie Syndrome” and “Bush Derangement Syndrome” tit-for-tat name calling and hatred that all too often passes for informed commentary in our political sphere.

Anyone can take a principled stand when its butterflies and lollipops all over the political landscape. The true measure of a man’s character is when he stands up for the things he believes in and knows to be right, even when they aren’t popular. Sure, standing up for the end of drug prohibition isn’t a popular stance, but its failure is glaringly obvious to anyone other than the blind. That’s the damned honest truth and its about time we faced up to it.

[Update: Dealing With Drug Violence in Mexico]