The Emperor Wears No Clothes

Here’s a sobering article by Michael Lewis about the financial bubble.

Yes, its long. Yes, it will piss you off when you read it.

Yes, it will cut through the veneer of bullshit being erected by the financial industry to claim they are not at fault for this fiasco.

Yes, you should be writing angry letters to Orrin Hatch (web site, contact) and Bob Bennett (web site, contact), your two bailout brethren, who voted to give these guys 700 billion of our hard-earned money, our children’s hard-earned money, our grandchildren’s hard-earned money and probably a few more generations after that, too.

Tell them how pissed off you are. Let them know that “politics as usual” with your money just isn’t acceptable anymore, no matter how much of a republican they claim to be.

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