They Blew It

P. J. O’Rourke writes an excellent op-ed on how the Republicans blew it this time around. (Read the whole thing, its worth it.)

Its not really surprising to me that the republicans were rejected by enough of the people to elect Barack Obama. Why? Becuase for the past ten years, they haven’t been acting the way we’d expect republicans to act. They’ve been big spending, government increasing, civil liberty trampling whores to special interests. The number of infractions is so long, I don’t feel like enumerating all of them, but here’s a couple for you: prescription drug “benefit”, “Borin’ Orrin” Hatch’s CHIPS health care boondoggle, agribusiness subsidies, steel industry subsidies, lobbyist bribe taking, excessive moralizing (do what I say, not what I do) along with 700 billion other items. Thankfully, they did stop short of housing troops in my home, but only just. (I’m not listing Iraq, because kicking ass first and asking questions later is what we expect from republicans.)

Now the ball is firmly on the democrat side of the court. They have majorities in the house and senate and will soon control the executive branch. They won’t have anyone else on which to blame the problems that come up, although being politicians I’m sure they’ll try. For the democrats its time to put up or shut up. For the republicans, its just time to shut up for a while.