Once Again Doug Wright Shows Us He’s An Idiot

When I drive to work, I try to listen to a little talk radio to see what the nattering nabobs of negativism have cooked up for the day. This morning, Doug Wright opined on this morning’s program that all we need to solve our energy dependence problem (and therefore becoming more energy independent) is to form some government organization like NASA and just put the smart people on it.

And this guy calls himself a Republican? Oh yeah, I forgot. In Utah you can spend all the taxpayer’s money you want, you can grow government as big as you want, you can encroach on individual liberty as much as you want, as long as you do it all as a Republican.

But wait, doesn’t this guy call himself a Conservative, too? Oh yeah, I forgot. In modern politics, you can spend all the taxpayer’s money you want, you can grow government faster than LBJ, you can encroach on individual liberty as much as you want, as long as you do it all as a Conservative.

But beyond all of that idiocy, what’s so stupid about Doug Wright’s proposition that we just “put a bunch of smart people together” to solve this energy dependence problem? Well, it assumes several facts that are most certainly not self evident. It assumes:

  • The people working in the energy industry are just plain stupid. Otherwise they would have figured out this energy independence stuff already.
  • That government can solve any problem if we just spend enough money on it. (Maybe Doug Wright has been secretly shagging Hillary Clinton and is picking up nasty sexually transmitted intellectual diseases from her.)
  • That “energy independence” is something that can be solved by some sort of Manhattan Project style government initiative, or worse yet a NASA style government bureacracy.

You’d think a guy that touts his conservativism and his republicanism on his radio show ad infinitum would have some idea that government is the problem, not the solution. But RINOs only know how to feed at the government trough and only know how to advocate solutions that not only compromise your individual personal liberties, but your individual economic liberties as well.

This past weekend, Bob Barr won the Libertarian Party’s nomination for the office of President of the United States. When asked why he jumped ship from the Republican party to the Libertarian party, he paraphrased Ronald Reagan by saying “I didn’t leave the Republican party, the Republican party left me”. Doug Wright’s idiotic proposal is just one more example of what Bob Barr is talking about.

One Response to “Once Again Doug Wright Shows Us He’s An Idiot”

  1. cporter Says:

    I read and am appreciative of your clear-headed assessment. I think the same. It is hard to comprehend a conservative actually suggesting that a government solution is desirable.

    If your radio show host really understood the synergy of conservatism and capitalism, he wouldn’t ever suggest moving an industry from the private sector. The best and brightest are already working for the very things he seeks (in the oil industry), and right now the risk/reward payoff is highest using the same methods that have been used for the last 85 years – drill and sell. I personally am very comfortable with this, as are China and Cuba, a mere 85 miles from Miami.

    For this guy to suggest that, by moving these experts to a thinktank government committee supervised by socialists, these same people would accomplish more…is evidence that he has drunk the koolaid – served by people whose ultimate purpose isn’t to seek efficient and perpetual energy sources, but rather to destroy capitalism, and consequently US sovereignty.

    My only issue with voting Libertarian is its longtime identity with drug legalisation advocacy, and its public persona of anarchist-leanings. I feel that this makes a libertarian unelectable, and therefore a wasted vote.

    In absence of another strategy, I am choosing like most conservatives to de-fund the republicans of big-government stripe. Perhaps in 8-12 years, principled conservatives will regain the pulpit and then the hearts and minds of America.


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