Hands off my browser, you stupid web designer!

I’m really getting sick of web designers deciding when I need a new window, instead of just navigating to the new location in the current window.

Case in point: vespa.com makes me pick my country from a popdown list and then forces me to eat a new popup window with the site for the USA. Why couldn’t they just redirect my current window to vespausa.com? Why would I ever want to keep the original window open to their stupid site selector while I look at the web site I really wanted?

This is just another aspect of anal-retentive web designers thinking that their job is to “control my experience”. No, you’re just an arrogant jerk that thinks you know better than the customer what they wanted. If I want something open in a new window, I’ll do that myself. Its not for you to decide what should be in a new window or not. Particularly since popular popup blockers are going to refuse to open something in a new window anyway, forcing the user to go through extra hoops just to visit your site.

The web isn’t the Soviet Union, where one size fits all and daddy Stalin knows what’s best for you. If you’re a web designer, please take your head out of your ass and stop telling other people how to experience the web.

2 Responses to “Hands off my browser, you stupid web designer!”

  1. nanchuram Says:

    Great information, Thank You for sharing……….



  2. Jim Perry Says:

    Looks like they’ve fixed it. Happy now. ;) :)


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