Go Joe!

Joe Lieberman writes an essay in the Wall Street Journal about the Democratic party. Its short and worth reading.

I never really identified with the Democrats or the Republicans, which is why I often refer to them as demopublicans or republicrats. To me, they just represent two sides of the same false proposition. Namely, the false proposition that I must give up half my freedoms in order to safeguard the other half. Where the hell does it say in the Declaration of Independence that I must give up my economic liberties in order to secure my personal liberties (the typical Democrat proposition) or that I must give up my personal liberties in order to secure my economic liberties (the typical Republican proposition)? Because I wanted to maximize my personal freedom, I could never really identify with those that always wanted to take away half of what I want to preserve in the name of safeguarding the other half.

I’ve always had this cartoon in my mind when it comes to demopublicans and republicrats. Imagine a taxpayer soundly asleep in his bedroom. Crouching next to the bed are two thieves holding flashlights. On the bedside table is a wallet. One thief is labelled Democrat and the other is labelled Republican. The Democrat thief says to the Republican thief: “I’ll check the wallet, you look under the covers.” That’s the kind of “compromise” we get from our politicians these days. They each want to sabotage half of our liberties and “compromise” by agreeing to look the other way when it comes to the transgressions of the other side. Did you ever ask yourself how a bill in the US Senate can be cosponsored by Ted Kennedy and Orrin Hatch at the same time? These guys are supposed to be mortal political enemies. You can bet your ass you’re going to be screwed whenever these two guys agree on something.

This is why I am a libertarian and a Libertarian. That is, I am a subscriber to the libertarian political philosophy and I’m also a member of the Libertarian political party. Do I kid myself that the Libertarians are going to sweep the next election? Hell no. The way the state party is run in Utah, I’d consider it a major victory if someone were elected to the state house as a Libertarian, which only takes about 6,000 votes to win my district. But I don’t expect it to happen anytime soon. Last I checked, they’re more interested in being ideologues than they are in practical steps to political change. In my engineer’s heart, I’m a pragmatist and recognize that if you want political change, you have to take steps that are realistic and pragmatic. That is why I supported Pete Ashdown in his campaign for the US Senate, even though Pete is a Democrat and I’m a Libertarian. I contributed heavily to his campaign, giving more money to his campaign in a single election cycle than I’ve ever given to the state Libertarian party in my lifetime. Pete is a “citizen legislator” in the Jeffersonian sense. While I may not agree with him on everything (and he’s heard enough earfulls from me to know where we disagree), I support him because he brings a heavy dose of common sense to government. Just like Joe.

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