Why TRAX is Dumb

Cato’s daily commentary yesterday, Light Rail Doesn’t Work, is a good summary of why TRAX is a stupid idea and won’t ever be anything else. Back when TRAX was proposed, the alternatives made more sense: restructure the bus system, deregulate the taxi cab industry to encourage competition and lower prices and so-on. The so-called advantages of TRAX haven’t materialized in Salt Lake City, just like they haven’t materialized in any other city with light rail. Just think about it: if TRAX were such a good idea and were economically viable, then the government wouldn’t need to steal money from me in the form of taxes in order to built it and run it. It would already have been built and operated by a private company for a profit. There was a time when Salt Lake City had a profitable equation for rail lines, but its been at least 60 years since the equation made any sense. But UTA is hell-bent on empire building and a light rail line is more prestigious and bragworthy than market solutions or cost-effective alternatives.

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