Utah Code Camp Spring 2007: Live Coding

I gave another talk at the Utah Spring Code Camp this past Saturday.  I originally proposed giving a 3-part XNA Game Studio Express talk, but my mail wasn’t being received by the organizer.  Why?  Well, because I’ve been on the internet for so long that spammers actually use my email address as the forged From address on the spam they send out.  Occasionally I get the bounced back virus or spam message that shows clearly that they are forging my address as the originating address.  However, lately people have reported not getting email that I send to them and I can only assume its because the forged spam has resulted in my mailing address being placed on blacklists as a “source of spam”.  Obviously the maintainers of these blacklists aren’t analyzing the mail very carefully, but its just one more reason why you never want to meet me and admit to being a spammer.  I’m likely to just give you a swift knee to the groin without a second thought.

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Is it the Tool or the Author?

Philip Hofstetter writes in his blog about things that setup authors do poorly.  I don’t disagree with his observations, but I do disagree with his assertion that these problems stem from inadequacies in the MSI technology itself.  Read the rest of this entry »